Friday, 28 June 2013

Bit Better on the River

I took the boat out on Wednesday with a mate of mine, Gerry Todd, back to the river Avon. We set off and fished several areas for only a foul hooked bleak and a small pike for Gerry. Thoughts wondered if the fishing was going to be as slow as last week but when we reached the favourite spot things started to pick up a little. I missed a couple of takes on the surface frogs then over the next few hours managed 9 pike. None of them were over 6 or 7lb but they were fighting fit in the oxygenated water and put up a great scrap on the medium and light outfits we were using. It is interesting that most of the pike are still sporting spawning marks so it would seem that they spawned very late this year.

We spent an hour jigging for zander but that proved fruitless so decided to make our way to the other end of the stretch. Along the way I picked up another 4 jacks and Gerry managed one on trolled crankbaits but the weir at the downstream end is a long way so we decided to just motor down there.

When we arrived it looked good. There is a branch to a lock gate which opens out into a pool and it looked like it would hold a few fish. Gerry was first in with a perch around the 14oz-1lb mark but no matter what I did I couldn't find a pike. I eventually found one but yet again it was only about 5lb. Time was now getting on so off we set back upstream to the launch. On the way we trolled crankbaits and I managed a few more jacks but they were small. One fish which was a bit bigger decided to tailwalk and actually jumped in the boat!

Overall a nice day out with the final tally coming to 11 pike for me and 6 to Gerry, plus a perch but the bigger fish just don't seem to be putting in an appearance for some reason which is disappointing as doubles are usually on the cards from this stretch. I get the feeling the rivers need a bit of a flush through.

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