Thursday, 13 June 2013

Short Session

My Suzuki DF6 outboard was due a service which meant a trip to Derbyshire so instead of driving home and back again to pick it up decided to find somewhere to wet a few lures whilst it was being done. A dig around on Google identified a few venues within easy reach and after speaking to one of the LAS lads who lives nearby a venue was decided on.

I dropped the motor off and off we went to the lake. On arrival I was pleasantly surprised to find a lovely looking lake and a few club members were telling me how it was full of pike.. I've heard that before so took it with a pinch of salt but after half a dozen casts the first pike was landed. We continued around the first half of the lake fishing each available swim quickly to cover some water. By the time we'd finished the circuit of the first half we'd landed 6 pike.. nothing big but good sport all the same as they were hitting everything we chucked at them, apart from topwaters!. We then fished the other half of the lake which is much shallower and silty and only managed one more. Time was now pressing on so decided to fish part of the first half again for the last half hour. This turned out to be a good move as 3 more were landed and also about the same lost.

All in all quite a productive few hours with the total coming to 10 pike.. the easiest pike fishing i've had in months!

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