Thursday, 6 June 2013

LAS Canal Club

Popped out for a few hours down the LAS Canal Club stretch on Tuesday, which for those that don't know is an 11 mile stretch of canal that is leased primarily as a predator fishery. It contains pike and perch but the predominant species is zander.

Fishing was quite hard with just a couple of zeds lost and a couple landed but on the way back to the car in the twilight I saw a fish topping next to some weeds. A quick cast with a 3" shad and it got walloped; the rod got wrenched down, a big vortex of water and line ripping off the spool before the hook pulled! Pretty sure it was a carp. It's not the first carp out of the stretch on a lure as a couple of 18lb'ers have come to similar tactics. Oh well, it was quite exciting for about 5 seconds!

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