Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Couple of Hours with the Frogs

I popped out to a local(ish) river last night for a couple of hours to fish topwater frogs but on arrival found the normal stretch unfishable due to works to the weir. Tried to cast where the fish usually come from but couldn't reach it so made my way to a few swims downstream. When fishing weedless topwater frogs I always cast the lure onto the far bank and a straight, steady pull usually sees the frog gently "plopping" into the far margin. This can result in a very quick and violent strike and is probably the best tip I can give when using weedless frogs.

Fished the first spot with nothing to show for it apart from a half hearted swirl from the nearside margin so moved down a bit. 2 or 3 casts to the far margin and the frog fell into the water 2ft behind a small patch of weed. Half a second later a pike exploded out of the weed, across the surface and engulfed the frog. In the net it was only about 6lb but the fun of frog fishing is the take, not the size. It didn't fight particularly well and I could see why.. it only had half a tail! Not sure what had done the damage; most likely a heron or, even though unlikely, perhaps even an otter or mink.


This one certainly wanted the frog!

Carried on fishing a different spot around some lillies and had a big bow wave chase the lure down but it didn't hit it. Then managed to lose another one. All fun on the frogs though!

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