Thursday, 10 October 2013

Making Hay While the Sun Shines

As with a lot of waters that open at the start of October, the fishing starts very well and tails off after a month or so. Lack of angling pressure means the fish are off guard and are willing to feed on whatever is thrown there way.

After last weeks successful session I decided on a return trip before the weather turned more wintery so went back yesterday. On arrival we were surprised to find no-one else pike fishing which gave us more water to play with but after a slow start it was obvious that the fish had been fished for hard over the last week. A couple of lost pike floats and rigs, one with a perch livebait still attached, were pulled out of the water and put in my bag for disposal.

About an hour in I made my way to a corner and straight away a small tap on my lure had me wondering if it was a bit of weed or a snag, but I hit it anyway. It was a fish however and a decent one. After a short fight I chinned her out and unhooked her. She was long and thin and not in the greatest of condition so I took a quick photo and released her straight away. I had to hold her in the water for 10 minutes or so while she recovered but eventually she kicked out and swam off.  I didn't weigh her but she was about 16lb or so..

The day continued with a few more fish but nothing over 9lb or so, and a follow from a big fish, and eventually I found myself in the same corner as earlier. A short under-arm pitch of the lure saw it land 20ft out where I let it sink for a few seconds before starting the retrieve. About half way back the lure got viciously hit; it was one of those takes that happens so fast and hard that I don't remember striking. I must have done though as a good fish was powering off in all directions. After a strong fight she came to hand where I chinned her out. She wasn't as long as the earlier fish but she had been feeding very well and was in perfect condition. As she had a full belly I decided to weigh her and wasn't far out with my guess when she went 15.10lb..

The fishing slowed down after that with my Dad landing just the two. He lost a big fish though which is always a sickener! In the afternoon Steve joined us for a few hours but it was hard going by then. He missed a few fish and I managed two more small ones but that was it for the day. We fished on until dark but the forecast was right and the wind turned around to a cold easterly and never saw another fish. Still, not a bad day for me, landing 7 pike in total with two mid doubles.

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