Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Easy Treble

Popped down the local canal last night for a couple of hours after zander. They're not big in this canal but you can usually catch a few fish on short sessions so with the lack of decent waters anywhere near me it's a place to go for an evening. Arrived in the first swim and on the second cast a decent zander for the canal hit the lure. I didn't weigh it but it was about 4lb, which is as big as I've had from here. A few casts later I was jigging the 3" shad around some weeds when a nice perch decided to nail it. The perch was in perfect condition and weighed something like 1½lb or so and had completely swallowed the lure. Luckily the hook came out very easily but the lure was so far back I had to pull the tail out of it's throat.. it was well on the way to it's stomach. Next cast a pike hit it, splashed on the surface, then took me all over the place including under a moored boat. Got her in and she was about 10-11lb.

So that was 6 casts from the same swim and 3 decent fish landed.. I thought I was on for a great evening but apart from missing a few more zeds and landing a size 7 trainer I didn't catch anything else over the next two hours! Oh well, a nice treble anyway.

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